area element with map attribute

Seven Wonders of the World

chichen Itza Christ on Corcovado Mountain great wall of china machu picchu al kanzneh taj mahal colosseum Rome


<img src="../images/seven_wonders.jpg" usemap="#imagemap"
alt="Seven Wonders of the World">
<map name="imagemap">
	<area href="Chichen_Itza.html" shape="rect" coords="0,0,93,65"
		alt="chichen Itza">
	<area href="Christ_on_Corcovado_mountain.html" shape="rect" coords="93,1,186,65"
		alt="Christ on Corcovado Mountain">
	<area href="great_wall_china.html" shape="rect" coords="0,66,94,132"
		alt="great wall of china">
  	<area href="Machu_Picchu.html" shape="rect" coords="92,64,186,132"
		alt="machu picchu">
	<area href="Al_Kanzneh.html" shape="rect" coords="0,133,94,201"
		alt="al kanzneh">
	<area href="Taj_Mahal.html" shape="rect" coords="92,134,186,203"
		alt="taj mahal">
	<area href="Colosseum_Rome.html" shape="rect" coords="0,202,186,260"
		alt="colosseum Rome">


HTML5 area element