What should an AT convey to users?

A Work in progress: Last updated 17 December 2015

Editor: Steve Faulkner

Github Repo: ThePacielloGroup/AT-browser-tests

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HTML element types (for accname/accdescription purposes)

Interactive with subtree content as name source

Suggested AT output
Element [test file linked] Element represents Acc info suggested AT behaviour Notes
a with href a hyperlink

role: link

state: linked

Announce accname + accdescription (if present and different from acc name), ignore element content. In Firefox, Chrome and IE element content is used for accname when no other accname is provided.
a with no href an anchor role: link

Announce acc name + accdescription (if present and different from acc name), ignore element content

In Firefox, Chrome and IE element content is used for accname when no other accname is provided.
abbr an abbreviation  


address Contact information for a page or article element      
area Hyperlink or dead area on an image map      
article Self-contained syndicatable or reusable composition      
aside Sidebar for tangentially related content      
audio Audio player      
b Keywords      
base Base URL and default target browsing context for hyperlinks and forms      
bdi Text directionality isolation      
bdo Text directionality formatting      
blockquote A section quoted from another source      
body Document body  



br Line break, e.g. in poem or postal address      
button Button control      
canvas Scriptable bitmap canvas  


caption Table caption   .  
cite Reference to a creative work      
code Computer code      
col [no test] Table column      
colgroup Group of columns in a table      
data Machine-readable equivalent      
datalist Container for options for combo box control      
dd Content for corresponding dt element(s)      
del A removal from the document      
details disclosure widget container      
dfn Defining instance of a term      
div Generic flow container      
dl Association list consisting of zero or more name-value groups      
dt Legend for corresponding dd element(s)      
em Stress emphasis      
embed Plugin      
fieldset Group of form controls      
figcaption Caption for figure      
figure Figure with optional caption      
footer Footer for a page or section      
form User-submittable form      
h1-h6 Section heading      
head [no test] Container for document metadata      
header Introductory or navigational aids for a page or section      
hr Thematic break      
html [no test] Root element      
i Alternate voice      
iframe Nested browsing context      
iframe with title Nested browsing context      
img Image      
input [button] Button control      
input [checkbox] Checkbox control      
input [color] Colour picker control      
input [date] date (day/month year) picker control      
input [email] text control for inputting email address      
input [file] File chooser control      
input [hidden] - [no test] hidden form control      
input [image] Button control      
input [number] spin box control  


input [password] text control for inputting a password      
input [range] slider control  


input [radio] single choice from a set of options      
input [reset] Button control for resetting a form      
input [search] text control for inputting search terms      
input [submit] Button control for submitting a form      
input [tel] text box control for inputting a phone number      
input [text] text box control      
input [time] control for setting a specific time.      
input [url] text control for inputting a URL      
ins An addition to the document      
kbd User input      
keygen [no test] Cryptographic key-pair generator form control      
label Caption for a form control      
legend Caption for fieldset      
li List item      
link [no test] Link metadata      
main Main content of a document      
map Image map      
mark Highlight      
meta [no test] Text metadata      
meter Gauge      
nav Section with navigational links  


noscript [no test] Fallback content for script      
object Image, nested browsing context, or plugin      
ol Ordered list      
optgroup Group of options in a list box      
option Option in a list box or combo box control      
output Calculated output value      
p Paragraph      
param [no test] Parameter for object      
picture [no test        
pre Block of preformatted text      
progress Progress bar      
q Quotation      
rb [no test]        
rbc [no test]        
rp [no test]        
rt [no test]        
rtc [no test]        
ruby[no test]        
samp Computer output      
s Innacurate text      
script no test] Embedded script      
section Generic document or application section      
select List box control      
small Side comment      
source [no test] Media source for video or audio      
span Generic phrasing container      
strong Importance      
style [mo test] Embedded styling information      
sub Subscript      
summary disclosure widget control/label      
sup Superscript      


complex table test

Data table      
tbody Group of rows in a data table      
td Data cell in a data table      
template [no test] Template      
textarea Multiline text field      
tfoot Group of footer rows in a data table      
th Header cell in a data table      
thead Group of header rows in a data table      
time Machine-readable equivalent of date- or time-related data      
title [no test] Document title      
tr Data table row      
track Timed text track      
u Keywords      
ul Unordered List      
var Variable      
video Video Player      
wbr [no test] Line breaking opportunity